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    What documents are required for export purposes?

    Category - F.A.Q

    For customs clearance purposes a contract between the Shipper and the Consignee is usually required.

    As shipping documentation normally 3 original copies of cargo invoice/s and necessary original Certificates are required.
    The Certificates may include Certificate of Origin, Certificate from National Institute of Standardization, Phyto-Sanitarian Certificate, Food Safety Certificate, Veterinarian Certificate, Certificate from National Institute of Metrology, etc. depending on the exported cargo. If the cargo is exported with wooden box or pallet, Fumigation may be required depending on the destination country.

    Packing list is a preferable document.

    Based on the above mentioned documents CMR and TIR Carnet (if applicable) are filled in, which accompany the cargo along with the invoice/s and the Certificates.