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    Unitrans is a company that has about fifty years of experience in providing comprehensive integrated logistics.
    Since 1995, when the Armenian branch of Unitrans started its operations in Yerevan, it has been actively developing its services in cargo transportation all over the world, offering a full package of services for “door-to-door” transportation, including packing, insurance, local delivery, customs clearance, warehousing, and loading/unloading. Unitrans is known for its weekly consolidations from Europe and Asia.

    We offer our customers:

    Vehicle transportation

    Newly manufactured automobiles transportation

    Heavy lift and oversized cargoes transportation

    Includes also consulting and necessary construction works

    Combined/ multimodal transportation

    Ocean, air and land freight combination for one shipment

    Projects Transportation

    Designed and “turnkey” projects transportation

    Consolidated cargoes transportation

    Small groupage cargoes transportation via land and ocean freight


    Performed via reliable insurance companies

    Loading / unloading

    Provided both: at customs terminals and at customers sites and warehouses

    Customs Clearance

    Provided both for imported and exported cargoes

    Local delivery

    Cargoes transportation within Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh

    Warehouse handling

    Provided also in addition to the packing service

    Household Removal

    Includes survey of the personal stuff, consulting, packing, customs brokerage services


    Includes cargo survey and consulting services