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    Կատեգորիա - Հատուկ իրականացված գործեր

    In the middle of March, 2015 a solemn mission – a transportation of khachkars – was performed by Unitrans, which we would like to share with you here.

    Khachkars are historically developed carved stones with images of cross. They have special meaning and bear sacred reverence for Armenians all over the world, but… probably… not only for Armenians… And on the threshold of 100-year anniversary of 1915 Genocide, they have special meaning for all 13 mln Armenians all over the world as symbols of Sorrow of 1.5 mln victims of the Genocide.

    And Unitrans was proud to get these special orders for transportation of four newly-made khachkars, sent for raising in different European cities in Germany, France, Austria and Poland.

    So, in March 2015, one month before the Commemoration Day, a special truck started its unique trip to Europe from Yerevan, Armenia with four khachkars on board. Actually this is not the first time khachkars are sent worldwide from Armenia. And Unitrans is used to transport khachkars all over the world by different modes of transportation: air, ocean, truck…

    But this time four khachkars made at different parts of Armenia were travelling together to different destinations as a Warning to Humanity on the events that should not take place in the World History anymore.

    The khachkars have about one to two tones in two pieces each. And, made from basalt with delicate hand-made engravings on them, they were handled with exceptional care. Even the driver, learning about his special mission, promised to drive as careful as possible.

    Unitrans staff paid special attention to these exports and is proud thus to become a particle in global process of the spiritual exchange and share of Human values.